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Public School Quality Starts at Home

Contrary to popular belief, the quality of our schools isn't just a County issue.  Indeed, there is a 13-person (!) Education Board in Delray Beach.

So when our Commissioners start criticizing the Palm Beach County School Board for not doing enough for Delray, the finger-pointing should be at themselves.  The Delray Education Board is set up to advocate for our students and ensure we educate quality students.


It is difficult for a board to advocate for our students when three of the last seven meetings were canceled due to a lack of a quorum!  The meetings that were held had almost no agenda.  And for more than four months the retired Director of Education in Delray has not been replaced.

How does this happen?  Who holds the Delray Education Board accountable?  The answer:  the City Commission; and they aren't doing their job.  

Delray needs better voices on both the Education Board and the City Commission or Delray schools will continue to be overlooked.  It's worth noting that one of this year's candidates for City Commission, Angela Burns, is a former, long-time teacher at the Village Academy in Delray Beach.  Maybe that's the type of representation needed to make this issue a priority for our elected officials!

But you can also serving on the Education Board.  If you want to sign up for this or any other city volunteer board, here's the link to submit your name (go to the bottom of the screen).

Please support our efforts to maintain and improve our great city by making a contribution to Friends of Delray using this link.

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