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Development in Delray

If the politics of the last several years have taught us anything, it's that being on the extremes of community issues is usually bad and divisive. That certainly goes for the issue of pro or anti-development in Delray Beach.  “Pro-development” is the Kryptonite of Delray politics, and candidates toss the word around like hand grenades. The truth is that without development we would still be awash in swamps and mosquitoes.

Without development we could not afford to modernize schools or pay for the best police force. Without development, downtown would not feature “The Ave” where we love to gather, shop and dine. This does not mean that every development proposal should get approved, or our building standards casually waived. But it also means that the "Say No to Everything" sentiment is out of touch with the needs of our citizens.

Blue Summer Beach Photo Collage.png

Keep that in mind when political candidates attack their opponents by saying they are in the “pockets of developers" because actually the following is true:

Friends of Delray supports Sensible Development that seeks a balance of delivering the housing, businesses and services people need while still maintaining our "Village by the Sea" character. This is why we will call out and reject divisive and inaccurate attack ads weaponizing development like the ones shown above by Shelly Petrolia and Juli Casale in past elections.

Best regards,
Friends of Delray

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