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Drinking Water Problems

Most of us think clean drinking water is a given, but not here in Delray Beach.  Maybe you are in a household where your pet was sick from drinking the water.  Or maybe you noticed the peculiar color and odor of your water.

The state of Florida surely noticed, and they fined Delray $1 million for ignoring the problem.  Delray's City Manager warned us 10 years ago that our water processing plant was outdated.  There are three reports (and two lawsuits) of city officials getting fired or threatened for reporting the problem.

And outsiders wonder how such a basic issue can become so politicized.

The good news is that finally, FINALLY, something is being done, as Delray has hired a nationally renowned clean water professional.  Even if we started today, though, it will take another 10 years to implement a new water processing plant...and that's with borrowing at historically high interest rates!

If you have read our emails over the past few weeks you have probably recognized a theme.  So many issues in the city - Water, Old School Square, Highland Beach Fire Contract to name a few - are characterized by poor decision-making, constant turnover of staff and management and/or lack of transparency.  You can learn more about this issue on the Friends of Delray podcast, and you can vote for change on March 14th.

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