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Friends of Delray, a 501c4 not for profit, has been working for over 12 months to explore the major issues facing Delray Beach. 

FOD was founded by some of Delray’s most experienced citizen-volunteers to discuss and inform residents regarding important issues facing our community.

Friends of Delray has addressed subjects which impact our City’s quality of life including leadership and turnover, education, affordable housing, selling public lands, arts and culture, and economic development, to name a few. 


While our original goal was to discuss issues and not endorse candidates, as we are reaching Election Day, the tenor of the campaign has become toxic, even more than usual, and civility is on the ballot.

After careful consideration including sending questionnaires to candidates and receiving some back, we endorse the following candidates in the March 14 election.


- Rob Long for Seat 2      
- Angela Burns for Seat 4


Both Rob Long and Angela Burns reflect the values we need on our City Commission: civility, a willingness to listen and work with our entire community, and a desire to tackle the challenges facing Delray Beach. They are also open to new ideas and willing to seize opportunities that will enhance our city.

Friends of Delray believe Mr. Long and Ms. Burns stand out in their attempts to raise the level of dialogue. Rob and Angela emphasize collaboration, not character assassination, and favor listening as  opposed to shutting out those who disagree.


Mr. Long and Ms. Burn’s opponents are endorsed by Mayor Shelly Petrolia who is working on their behalf. If elected, we believe they will be beholden to the Mayor. They will continue to vote in lock step with Mayor Petrolia and perpetuate the culture of fear that she has successfully employed against Delray citizens, corporations, and not for profit organizations.


When Friends of Delray was formed, the organization listed 11 principles, the first of which was “commitment to regain civility and mutual respect.”  Of the four candidates, only Angela Burns and Rob Long pass this quintessential test.

Angela and Rob will work with their colleagues on the dais and bring back community voices that have been shut out by members of the current Commission. 


They will work hard to scrub the toxicity that their opponents have inserted into this campaign. Ms Burns and Mr. Long will follow the municipal laws concerning development, work together with the County to improve our schools, encourage businesses to locate and grow in Delray, and develop and execute strategic and operational plans rather than float helplessly into the future with no direction.

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