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Friends Of Delray Candidate Questionnaire: Angela Burns

Updated: Mar 4

1. As an experienced community leader, what do you consider your 3 greatest accomplishments?

  1. Thirty-four years as an educator. The last 22 years serving students and families in our local community who being disadvantaged face barriers daily to the very basic needs. Building relationships with and providing the skills they will need to reach their highest potential and lead productive lives.

  2. Management of The Peach Umbrella Network, a digital based network of small minority businesses which supports budding entrepreneurs start, manage and grow their business, and supports thriving entrepreneurs connect with the community and with each other.

  3. The Blackmer’s Market – a monthly pop-up shop of our members who are crafters who share their goods and services with the community. A place for the community to gather.

  4. Building and nurturing relationships with community elders, leaders, non-profits and small businesses at the neighborhood level, volunteering in various projects and efforts in the community. (i.e., Legacy Housing; We Are Home Project, Repair & Restore, Reclaim Our Village Project, Faith Forward, The Coalition, Block Captain)

2. If elected, what are the first three things you would like to accomplish as Commissioner?

  1. Keep Delray Beach Safe and prioritize our first responders

  2. Fight for more affordable housing, so more families can live, work and play right here in Delray Beach

  3. Ensure our drinking water is clean

3. There are many who believe civic discourse in Delray has become divisive and toxic. As an elected City Commissioner what would you do to encourage civility and repair neighborliness?

When elected, I will do as I have always done. Act professionally and treat people with respect. Our city staff, commissioners, and residents all deserve a City Hall free of divisiveness and political games.

4. The historic racial divide in Delray continues to this day in one form or another. What do you believe the City Commission can do to enhance racial harmony and equality?

My campaign is about bringing people together. That is why I am proudly supported by people from all parts of our city from all walks of life. I am running to ensure we are working together as ONE DELRAY. A city where all parts of it have the same opportunities for success and progress and not just focusing all our efforts on the downtown while leaving some neighborhoods behind.

5. The topic of “development” permeates political dialogue in Delray. How would you define what “development” means and what the Commission can do to ensure that it benefits Delray citizens?

All development should be done responsibly. That means we need to take into account the needs of the city and surrounding area in which the proposed development would be built. Working together and ensuring we are listening to residents, stakeholders and community leaders, we can responsibly manage our collective success while maintaining the beautiful charm of our Village by the Sea.

6. The lease for Old Square was terminated without advance notice or public input. Do you agree with the decision? Why or why not?

I do not agree with this decision. Everything about the decision-making process for terminating Old School Square’s lease was flawed and became political, which is now proving to cost tax-payers significantly more money.

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