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Friends Of Delray Candidate Questionnaire: Angie Gray

1. As an experienced community leader, what do you consider your 3 greatest accomplishments?

Staying married for 36 years, raising my family, and my more than 15 years serving others in various elected positions and on numerous community boards and committees.

2. If elected, what are the first three things you would like to accomplish as Commissioner?

When elected, I will start from day one working on our aging infrastructure, addressing our workforce and essential housing issues, and looking for solutions to address our traffic and parking concerns.

3. There are many who believe civic discourse in Delray has become divisive and toxic. As an elected City Commissioner what would you do to encourage civility and repair neighborliness?

Bottom line, I would get rid of Social Media and ask if we can all get along. I would lead by example.

4. The historic racial divide in Delray continues to this day in one form or another. What do you believe the City Commission can do to enhance racial harmony and equality?

Go back to educating our staff and communities on racism. Teach that we can agree to disagree and that no one is born hating others…racism is taught. We need to implement the Disparity Study so that we can help with leveling the playing field when it comes to contracts and jobs.

5. The topic of “development” permeates political dialogue in Delray. How would you define what “development” means and what the Commission can do to insure that it benefits Delray citizens?

I believe in smart growth. To get there, we need to make sure that development only happens where we want it to happen. It starts with our policies. The benefit to our residents will be to not over build.

6. The lease for Old Square was terminated without advance notice or public input. Do you agree with the decision? Why or why not?

I think that the commission could have handled it differently. I believe in transparency and value public input.

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