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Stronger Together

Informed Citizens. Shared Ideas. United Direction.

Friends of Delray is a diverse group of Delray Beach residents and supporters who have come together in the belief that our community thrives best when we work together to preserve our city's unique sense of place and identity.  Today, we are at a crossroads.  Our successes have created a quality of life many of us could not have imagined.  Yet success has also brought new challenges along with it.

Please join us as we learn about and share what's happening in Delray -- the great things people are doing and the issues that need our attention. Our hope is to inspire informed civic engagement and healthy, civil dialogues that will unite our community in the shared goal of preserving the core values that have defined our "Village by the Sea."

Beach Beds

Join us in our efforts to help our community.


Latest News

What's Happening in Town

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Fun Stuff!

Find information about all the FUN things happening in Delray Beach. Festivals, Parades, Art Walks, Tastings and more! From a quiet walk through a museum to celebrating with friends, old and new, at one of the many events going on in town.  Just a click away!

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City Hall Agenda

See what's up at City Hall. Read what's on the agenda or watch the video of Council meetings.  Get to know how decisions are made and who's making them. 

Community Forum

Let your voice be heard.  Diverse ideas and opinions are important to finding the best direction for our city in the future.  While we may differ in our opinions, we are stronger as a community that is inclusive, open and friendly.  Please no shaming, blaming or name calling.  

We catch more flies with honey than vinegar. 

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