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Due to changes in Florida election laws, if you wish to VOTE BY MAIL, you must now request a mail-in ballot prior to each general election (ex. November 2022, 2024, 2026, etc.) by 5pm ten (10) days before election day.

If you requested a mail-in ballot for the 2020 general election, please double-check your status and address. Mail-in ballots are not forwarded.

You can still vote in person if you receive a ballot and do not mail it back or drop it off at a Palm Beach County Election Office. Drop off ballot box hours at election offices have also changed due to the law's mandate that election office personnel must be present, not law enforcement officers as was previously allowed.

You can request a mail-in ballot in the following ways:

§ By Phone: (561) 656-6208

§ By Fax: (561) 656-6230

§ In person at any of the four (4) Palm Beach County offices

§ Online:

If you are making a change of address request, you must now provide a driver's license, Florida ID Card Number or the last for digits of your Social Security number. You many no longer simply provide your date of birth.

Another significant change in Florida's 2022 election law:

The new law gives Governor DeSantis the power to replace local officials, such as County Commissioners, who resign to run for another office. The previous law required that an election be held to fill what is called a "resign to run" vacancy.

For more information including deadlines for requests, ID requirements, change of address and the address of Palm Beach County election offices, please go to:

To check your status, please go to:

To register to vote, please go to:


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