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Statement from Friends of Delray

Since the founding of Friends of Delray earlier this year we have been dedicated to discussing issues of vital importance to Delray in a manner that is open and fact based. We have worked hard to build communications channels on our website, Facebook, emails and podcasts. We have presented content experts to discuss issues from multiple perspectives. Friends of Delray is a 501c4 corporation and a member of the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce.

The subjects we have discussed include affordable housing, leadership in City government, selling taxpayer funded public open space, and municipal water systems. Topics that we intend to cover in the coming months include education in local schools and the City’s proposed bond issue. We believe that governing consists of carefully considered decisions and professional execution, not quick fixes or easy answers.

What we don’t support is character assassination of others in our community who may not agree with us. We don’t drag family members into online communication or support the people who do. And we don’t diminish or mock others.

Unfortunately, Delray has a reputation for discord, toxicity, and brutal politics. Friends of Delray is using its resources to reduce the political temperature, encourage productive dialog and address the issues which face our wonderful City in the near future. If we don’t dialog among ourselves, we are condemned to a future which is not all it could be.

On our website we show our motto as Stronger Together: Informed Citizens, Shared Ideas, United Direction. We are committed to building a future together, not attacking fellow citizens.

We are proud to list Delray citizens who participate in the activities of Friends of Delray and look forward to engaging in robust but affirming conversations about our future. Members of our not for profit include: Steve English, Jim Chard, Scott Porten, Judy Mollica, Nicholas Coppola, Yvonne Lee Odom, Jack Schulman, Chuck Halberg, Chuck Ridley, Kurt Jetta, Christina Morrison, Joe Gillie, Michael Weiner, Jay Alperin, Jeff Perlman, Peter Arts, Debra Dowd, and Gregg Weiss, among others.


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